For correct data entry in this Ships for Sale database, please follow these steps:

1. In case it is your first time, click on the “New Entry” button. This will lead you to the user registration form and the vessel’s basic information questionary. If you already published one vessel, just go to "Login".
2. Chose an user name and a password (do not forget it) and fill in the questionary . We strongly recommend that you complete all of the information pertaining to the vessel. As you can see, in the lower part of this questionary, there is a field that allows you to upload photos. For us, an “image” plays a crucial role in the sale of a vessel; we highly recommend that you upload a picture of the vessel. To carry out this task, simply find the file (just standards format are permited JPG, GIF, ....)once you have completed the necessary information click on the "add" buttom and so you will be registered as an user, your data will be safe in our database and you will be re-directed to the main database page where you will see your new record.You have completed the sale’s publication!.
3. If you are a registered user go directly the login page.

For maintenance of your tonnage for sale:

Just click on the "Login" button and fill in you "user name" and "password "user" you used for the first sale registration

Note: The content found in this database is considered correct, however, not guaranty is given.